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Open your treasury box for inspiration and motivation!

All photo-poetic products offered here are of high quality, original and unique. Enjoy!

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Why did you get here?

What can you expect?

What would I like to offer you?

I would like to touch YOU with my pictures and words.

To inspire and motivate YOU with these word-photo-compositions.

So that YOU eventually even more 

sense your livelihood

listen to your own rhythm

and thus simply can

experience and enjoy 

the uniqueness and beauty

of this life

even more consciously and awake.


The Foto-Poet from Germany, 

alias Siggi Kubsch


Enjoy each of 14 unusual glossy motives - taken during my
travels in over 50 countries -
or  from various themes

Let seduce yourself by my unique 

into the wild and wide world.


Be inspired and motivated 
by over 200 amazingly

beautiful motives from
the far and near world,
lovingly accompanied by
a profound aphorism specifically 

composed for the picture.


Immerse in over

1000 poems narratives  or short stories, written by life and love

(and in German ;-)).
Leave space and time simply behind
while leafing through
noble photo books.


Get to know me a bit more ... and
 the unique photo-poetic products shown here that go beyond the virtual dimension. Thereby 
give away reflection, motivation, inspiration and joy; and / or just follow me on other social channels.


Beautify your home or your workplace with unique eye-catchers / murals from over 10.000 motifs of my archive in impressive quality and spatial depth. 

 Listen to my poems and
start dreaming  while watching
my video clips.


Be curious and surprised
again and again by
regularly appearing new motifs and
poetic stories about the countries 
I have traveled to,
or the destinations I have visited on my excursions nearby my home.

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Siegbert Kubsch, The Foto-Poet from Germany
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"Das Leben ist Foto-Poesie.  Lebe und genieße es."     -     "Life is Photo-Poetry. Live and enjoy it."