Foto-Poet-CALENDARs english - 2011 till today (part 1)

Here you will find all my lovingly handcrafted calendars produced since 1992 in descending chronological order, divided into part 1 and 2.

All calendars have a cover sheet, 12 motifs for each month and a bonus picture as well.   
Each photo is accompanied by an inspiring text, which I wrote specifically for the motif from the depths of my spiritual heart.

Below this you will find a short information, when and where I  pressed the shutter button on my camera.

You can order both the digital and the physical edition of every calendar in the SHOP -
of course, regardless of the year in which the original first edition was issued ;-).  
Have fun browsing and "slide-showing" through.

AT HOME (1)  2024

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Niederlande, Meer, Strand, Farben

Finally being truly free again. Finally being able to travel and see the world again without a mask. What a luxury after the last few years. And what did I do? 

I stayed at home and somehow "only" moved around in my home country. 

Doesn't sound spectacular, doesn't sound like new cultural experiences or even exotic adventures.

And yet I took 9,000 more photos on my smartphone because every day I felt the beauty, the sense of well-being, the feeling of being safe and at home more and more where I was ...

AT HOME (2)  2024

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Niederlande, Meer, Strand, Farben

Whether it was during spring time in EAST FRISIA, along the Spree in BERLIN or at the many lakes around LEIPZIG (to "swap" my beloved Ford Mondeo for a new-to-love Citroen Berlingo). Whether it was in summer at the French Open in PARIS, hiking in the ZUGSPITZ REGION around Garmisch-Partenkirchen or rediscovering the untouched countryside on MALLORCA in fall ... I always felt at home there, finding the familiar and the unknown, the old and the new at the same time. 

Even in places I've been many times before: around MANNHEIM and HEIDELBERG, around RAESFELD and BORKEN, along the GERMAN WINE ROUTE and the adjacent PALATINE FOREST. 

There was always pure nature, pure pleasure, pure joy, alone, with friends or my beloved one. Simply wonderful.  And because I have so many photos of them, there are two different editions this year for the first time ;-). May the 2 x 14 photos tell you about it and remind you of your  AT HOME(s) ...

ON the ROAD 2023

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Niederlande, Meer, Strand, Farben

After the fourth non-sense-making lock-down in Germany finally came to an end at the beginning of May, I found my new beginning. And the courage - in small steps - to explore the country without a mask and without reservations towards myself being an non-vaccinated person ...

It started with a yoga retreat on the Polish border in the historic GORGAST estate with its wonderful and idealistic owners. 

From there I went along the ODER in search of my grandfather's grave, which gave me special encounters in PRENZLAU and the surrounding area.

Finally back to BERLIN said my aging Ford Mondeo. There I literally turned my back on the Love Parade and instead dove into the for me more appealing east side of town on foot. 

Next I travelled to my grandmother's birthplace: GÖRLITZ. An undestroyed Treasure Island; not only for architects. After so much concrete - although not boring - my soul longed for peace and nature.
SAXONY SWITZERLAND was the obvious and ideal choice for the return trip. Despite the forest fires, it revealed to me exactly what I needed: endless hikes through quiet forests up to majestic castles and mystical rocks.

A short time later I was finally on the road again with my son. With bike and the help of informative tour guides, PARIS - again - turned out to be one of the most fascinating metropolises on earth.

Enough is not enough. The nomad gene didn't want a break just yet. So I hiked with a like-minded friend for seven days in fantastic weather to the peaks of OBERSTDORF and the KLEINWALSERTAL.
From 2,500 photos I selected 14 for this calendar ... May YOU, the viewer, enjoy the variety as much as I had when creating it and BEING ON THE ROAD ;-)


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Niederlande, Meer, Strand, Farben

Crossing borders despite Corona, enjoying the flair of Switzerland and especially Italy.   What was that for a soothing bliss, a change of scenery!

Without thinking too much, I wanted to crack the 220,000 km with my Ford Mondeo and eventually end up in Venice via Ticino and Lombardy ...

It never came to that.  Because Lake Lucerne, the Lagos d'Orta, Maggiore, Lugano and Como are simply too clear, calm, colorful and inviting. Southern enough to come into contact with locals without a mask directly on the shore or somewhere on a castle, mountain or monastery with a magnificent view and not only philosophize about the beauty of this area or La Vita Bella and Dolce ... ;-)


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Niederlande, Meer, Strand, Farben

In the form of a road trip, I explored Zeeland in spring 2019 and the Dutch north and Friesland in autumn 2020. 

Most memorable are the inviting, creative culinary pavilions with endless beaches, the fresh, liberating sea breeze and the friendly, laid-back, almost cheerful attitude towards life of the locals. 

And almost every day I was able to let my soul dangle meditatively by going barefoot or by bike to the corners not yet discovered by mass tourism ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Costa Rica, Nationalparks, Hängebrücken, Dschungel

In a large SUW (3 adults and 2 teenagers) we crossed the country with the highest density of national parks in the world in the summer of 2019, which invests its income in the education of its citizens in an exemplary manner.

Plants, animals and people were inspired by the two contagious words "Pura Vida" ... Mystical volcanoes, lonely beaches and pure quiet nature allowed us to become part of this way of life for a short time.

Not only did we get very close to large (e.g. whales) and small animals (e.g. ants), but we were also very grateful to be able to observe them in their habitat in peace and quiet ...  


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

The Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland's spectacular coastal road - kept its promise by name when, in September 2018, I enjoyed the rugged cliffs and lonely beaches on my daily hikes with a rental car for 2 weeks, as well as the refreshing, stormy, not always dry sea breeze.

Walking in the footsteps of Star Wars didn't make me a Jedi yet, but the power of nature and the lush greenery seemed to touch me in a special way too.

And when in the evening I enjoyed the variety of Guinness and the cheerfulness of Irish music with wonderful travel companions, the heart danced and the soul was happy ...

TIBET 2018

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

After my plan to stand at the foot of the holy mountain Kailash on my 50th birthday was not possible due to the severe earthquake in Nepal, another opportunity revealed itself to me in spring 2017. In a small group of 4 hiking friends with tents and full supplies, we went on a 3-week trekking tour with a demanding hike there and back.

The postponement of the flight, the non-arrival of my luggage and a never-ending gastrointestinal virus infection right at the beginning of the trip (one evil rarely comes alone ;-)) made it impossible for me to circumnavigate it.

And yet: what remains are dreamlike photos of endless space, combined with silence and peace as well as new spiritual insights; won especially during my time at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

Even if it was "only" a two-week package vacation during the Whitsun holidays 2016 as a small family, we were able to explore the island wonderfully by rental car and did not find one thing: mass tourism.

Seldom have I come so close to the origin of life emotionally and informatively. Lonely walks on volcanic soil right by the see - the sun rays already quite strong -, with wonderful light were ideal for taking beautiful photos.

The influence of the artist and activist César Manrique, which can be felt throughout the island, offered additional highlights for the eye and the camera ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

After the cancellation of my 7-week planned trip in April 2015 to Tibet and Oman, I invented of necessity a no less horizon-expanding alternative in 3 stages, which began with my 50th birthday in Freiburg:

From there I drove to the south of France for a retreat in the Buddhist-influenced monastery of Plum Village (founded by the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh). Soulfully inspired, vegetarian and coffee-free, I digested this spiritual practice on the nature-filled Atlantic coast.    Finally, I wandered aimlessly along the Spanish rocky coast on the less popular Camino del Norte, the green Way of St. James, to Llanes.    Satisfied, relaxed and holistically recovered, I have been walking my spiritual path even more consciously and mindfully ever since ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

Although we had to do without our luggage for the first 5 days, we were able - during the Whitsun holidays 2014 - to explore this versatile Mediterranean island excellently as a small family.

Day trips to historical sites and natural phenomena like the Scala dei Turchi or the legendary Etna were predestined for postcard motifs.

When we saw the volcano erupt while the three of us hiked close to it in the snow, this vacation had given us this holiday had given us a very special one of its many unforgettable moments.

The Sicilian hospitality, culinary joie de vivre and child-friendliness did the rest ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

Aoteaora - land of the great white cloud - is the name of New Zealand among its indigenous people, the Maoris.    As a backpacker, I was mainly using public transport, when I was there for the first time in 1992 for 6 weeks.    Almost exactly 21 years later I came back with my family and caravan - this time for 7 weeks ;-).    Despite the travel hype since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the diverse nature here has lost none of its magical appeal.    Only the tree in Cooks Cove, on which we hung for the legendary photo "Hanging around in New Zealand" (see slider on the start page), did not exist anymore.    Instead, this time there were many other fascinating adventures to pass and new unknown places during the 5,000 km to discover ...

EGYPT 2013

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

In September 2011 the plan was: a week to cruise on the longest river in Africa, the Nile, and a week to swim and snorkel at the Red Sea. Plus a day trip to Cairo, if the political situation would allow it …

Nikola, who has been with us since 2007, and therefore almost 6 years old, certainly didn't know one thing during this vacation: boredom. It was the same for us adults: the unlimited variety and visits to monumental buildings were always impressive. And after learning about history, there was enough space and time for everyone to relax on deck or in the bunk.

And anyone who has ever stood in front of the pyramids or snorkeled next to a lionfish knows this one condition: overwhelming speechlessness ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

This 42-day trip through Chile and Argentina as a nuclear family was hard to beat in terms of scenic contrasts.      Our ecological footprint, on the other hand, was less exemplary: We overcame the size, especially the length of both countries, including a visit to the Easter Islands, with 6 domestic flights.     In the same period, we covered 7,000 km with four different 4WD rental cars, had 4 full plates, stayed in 21 different accommodations, saw 3,000 stars in the night sky of the Atacama Desert as well as 2 smoking and 17 non-smoking, mostly snow-covered volcanoes, bathed in 2 oceans and, despite getting stuck in a river, couldn't stop being amazed.

In one word: pure adventure - but always (almost) without danger to life ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

Before this family holiday - at the end of the summer holiday 2011 - I had not been so aware of the influence of the Moors, especially architecturally, but also culturally on the Iberian peninsula.

Equipped with a rental vehicle we were not only able to explore the impressive cities of Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Cadiz, but finally also relaxed a little on our hotel beaches of Marbella and Tarife.

We then digested the many impressions we had gathered while bathing with pleasure in the pool area or / and with beach walks and delicious tapas ...

And we could all easily do without a visit to a bullfight, but not without the wonderful hospitality of the Andalusians ...

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