Foto-Poet-CALENDAR - Special Editions

Here you will discover other - also lovingly handcrafted - calendars, which I have created on the basis of unique customer requests.

These calendars offer also 1 cover sheet, 12 monthly motifs, as well as 1 bonus picture.  In some (e. g. Sunny FEELINGS, Lively WATERS, Mature WINEYARDS, Cheerful ANIMALS, Wise BUDDHAS, Warm LISBON, Vibrant BERLIN) every photo is accompanied by an inspiring text, which I have especially written for the motif from the depths of my spiritual heart or heartfelt spirit ;-).

Sometimes the photo works on its own ;-). Such as for example with Radiant FLOWERS, Moving CLOUDS, Shady LIGHT, Windy PRAYER FLAGS, ...

You can order both the digital and the physical edition of every calendar in the 

of course regardless of the year in which the original first edition was published ;-). 

Have fun browsing and flipping through.


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Niederlande, Meer, Strand, Farben

Perhaps sunrises and sunsets are the best anchor, on the one hand to welcome the upcoming day more consciously and on the other hand to honor with gratitude the day that has passed.

In addition, they are a natural decelerator of everything we do, a wondrous sight of beauty, a reminder of our insignificance in a universal context and much more ...

Here I have put together various warming rays of light and sunny moments of pause. May the photographs inspire you to pause soon again for a moment in your own reality - whether alone or as a couple - and to enjoy these majestic moments together in silence ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Costa Rica, Nationalparks, Hängebrücken, Dschungel

What would our earth look like without the wonderful elixir of water?

Lifeless in any case ... 

There is probably nothing more refreshing and soothing - after a long day of travel - than any source of water offered to you by nature - be it a lake, a waterfall, a stream, a large sea with rustling and thundering waves - to your body or - just by contemplating to it - to caress your soul.

Here you will find special sources of flow and floating. Be it the roaring Zambezi or glittering Lake Titicaca, breaking waves at the Cape of Good Hope, crashing waves at the Great Ocean Road and other wonderful places of this element ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

Is there anything more beautiful and rewarding than to lovingly and mindfully "free" the ripe grapes (whether red or white) from their life-giving vine with like-minded people on a sunny autumn day, and in the evening to look together at the full tubs and troughs during a well-deserved Swabian meal ... ? 

Yes there is ;-). Namely to drink the resulting noble drop with the same harvest workers with pleasure.

May these colorful motifs from my home environment, the Rems Valley - at the gates of the Swabian state capital -, create a similar refreshing feeling in you and more ...

Cheerful ANIMALS

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

There is only one place where you can feel the souls of animals: in the wild.

Thus, during my travels I have always been able to experience this unique encounter between animals and humans again and again; with the bigger ones mostly at a proper distance and respect ;-) ... I was emotionally most moved by being a witness while giant green turtle was laying eggs on Pulau Selingan in East Malaysia, when I saw a tear of effort rolling down her face after she had buried up to 200 table tennis ball-sized eggs in the sand ...  But also diving with reef sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, watching elephants at a waterhole in Namibia's Etosha National Park and many other moments showed me that we are all connected and so worthy of protection ...

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben


Every Buddha statue somehow gives me the impression: he is at rest, he has come to terms with himself. This is exactly what so many of us in the West and now also in the East are longing for ... And how did he manage to do that?

By stopping to search, to search for happiness - by just simply being ...

The photos listed here may give a little idea of the peaceful state our mind, heart, and soul are capable of. Just as what beauty and aesthetics can then be revealed when we integrate the 8-limbed path into our current life ...  
I wish you a lot of joy and as little suffering as possible while practicing, practicing and practicing ...


Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

Actually, Paris is the city of love. But flying - freshly in love - to Lisbon, which was pleasantly sunny in December 2005, and indulging in culinary and cultural delights, was more than just an equal alternative for both of us. How did it read in our travel guide so beautifully: "If you stroll through the streets of Lisbon, you will quickly notice that this hilly city on the Tagus can inspire you with many small 'sights' - they are hidden on the edge, and you have to keep an eye out for them. But you should definitely not miss the highlights of this Portuguese metropolis."

And that's exactly what we did: equipped with two cameras, we let ourselves be drifted through the labyrinth of alleys and stairs from morning to night for 4 days. We were enthusiastic about the flair, the atmosphere and diversity as well as the fantastic light. We always found oases of peace and quiet, not only enjoying once the famous yellow egg-vanilla-cream mixture in puff pastry, called Pastéis de Belém, before we felt asleep in the evening exhausted but highly satisfied or did - you might guess - something else ... ;-)

Vibrant BERLIN

Foto-Poet, Kalender, Irland, Wild Coast, Meer, Strand, Farben

When I started my master's thesis for my MBA International Consulting at Bombardier in Berlin Hennigsdorf in 2000, together with my fellow students Berno and Fabi, I could not have known how much I would fall in love with this city …

I was not only fascinated by the way in which, from my point of view, it was possible to connect the West and the East in terms of urban development, but also how the largest city in Germany has retained its own charm, its individuality and its subculture in every district ...

And when we walked from the Palace of the Republic through the Brandenburg Gate on the street "Unter den Linden" to Alexanderplatz on many a night, our own story seemed rather small and insignificant ...

When I strolled through the different corners again 20 years later, I didn't have the impression that this city had lost anything in terms of its excitement, craziness, optimism, and of course the great, direct people ...

The pictures and texts may invite you to be there again soon and to reframe something old or discover something new every time ...

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